Jota Mombaça. The right of obscurity must be respected, 2017. (1)

Public talk with writer and performer Jota Mombaça

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Tuesday, 08.08.2017

Art and Activism in Latin America – year II (2017)

Undoing queer caravel in the afterlife of colonialism

The particular context of emergency of a queer canon in Brazil cannot be thought outside of an analytics of coloniality of knowledge, that makes visible what the Chilean thinker, performer and activist Hija de Perra once described as an effect which simultaneously colonizes “our sudaca, poor of aspirations and third-world-ish context”, upsetting “the enchanted subjects of hetero-normality”. If queer colonizes and upsets at the same time, it is because it joins the historical process in which the very basis of the body-political colonial project – predicated by the universality of the euro-white heteronormal subject (its knowledge, its politics, its performance and its ontology) – are collapsing. But what is the meaning of queer disturbance in the always already colonized context of the world known as Brazil (ex-colony? Neo-colony? Post-colony?), and in which ways the globally proliferated queer canons does not re-enact the logic of colonial caravels, supporting and inscribing the ghosts of colonialism in the immediate present of colonial collapse? How to think and to perform gender disobedience and sexual dissidence without reaffirming the elitist logic that reproduces a colonial situation in the so-called post-colonial brazilian context? How to undo the queer caravel? And how to call for the more-than-colonized body-politics that overtakes the afterlife of colonialism and the white, hetero and cisgender supremacy towards another ways of existing and making the world?

Jota Mombaça is a non-binary bicha, born and raised in the northeast of Brazil, who writes, performs and academically studies on the relations between monstruosity and humanity, kuir studies, de-colonial turns, political intersectionality, anti-colonial justice, redistribution of violence, visionary fictions, the end of the world and tensions among ethics, aesthetics, art and politics in the knowledge productions of the global south-of-the-south. Current works are the collaboration with Oficina de Imaginação Política (São Paulo) and the artistic residency along with Capacete’s 2017 at Documenta (Athens/Kassel).


The forgotten “Santos” of Brazil.
Jota Mombaça for La Pocha Nostra.
March 2015. Photo: Ramilla Souza

ART AND ACTIVISM IN LATIN AMERICA is a Despina project, with the support of the Dutch organization Prince Claus Fund. The project extends for three years (2016, 2017 and 2018). Each year, a theme will guide a series of actions, including occupations, workshops, talks, film screenings, exhibitions, public talks with important names of contemporary artistic + activist thought and a residency programme. For this second edition, the project brings the BODY as its main theme and it runs from May to October. For more information about the project, this year’s theme and the full programming, click here.


Public talk with Jota Mombaça
– part of the activities of  Art and Activism in Latin America – year II (2017)
Where: Despina | Largo das Artes (Rua Luis de Camões, 2 – Sobrado)
When: Tuesday, 8 August
Time: 7 pm
Free admission