The Programme

Despina Residency Programme is designed for artists and curators wishing to immerse themselves in their work and/or research. We provide them with the space to explore practices, concepts, new ideas and materials, and to develop a project while receiving feedback and support. The selected artists/curators have the chance to live and work in Rio de Janeiro and to participate in a range of activities such as talks, meetings, studio visits and exhibition tours. Participants are also encouraged to propose talks and workshops, and to learn about the socio-cultural and political scenario in Brazil. The support, networks and creative environment offered by the programme encourages professional/artistic development and international contacts.

Despina Residency Programme offers:

• Art studio
• Accommodation in a self-contained studio flat (optional)
• One on one meetings with a curator
• Weekly follow-up meetings
• Opportunity to propose workshops and talks
• Open studio event at the end of the residency to show the works and/or processes to the public
• Visits to local art spaces and studios

Despina Residency Programme has hosted so far approximately 160 artists from more than 15 countries. Since 2013, Despina has built a respectful reputation in Brazil and abroad in the field of artist residency. Focusing on practices, projects and research development, a tailor-made programme is designed to meet the needs of each artist/curator. We work individually to support and create a network of contacts and references. Our team of collaborators includes leading curators of the contemporary Latin American scene such as Pablo León de la Barra, Raphael Fonseca, Bernardo José de Souza, Victor Gorgulho, Ulisses Carrilho, Daniela Mattos, Keyna Eleison,  Alexandre Sá and Camilla Rocha Campos, among others.

Despina has been working in partnership and collaboration with several national and international organizations, among them, the Institute of Arts of the University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ), Museum of Tomorrow, Prince Claus Fund, Arts Council of Montreal and the British Council.

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Programme History
Click on any image below and check the history of Despina Residency Programme. Since 2013, we have hosted around 150 artists from several countries acrross the world.