Despina is a non-profit cultural association committed to develop platforms for creation, dissemination and collaboration in the field of contemporary art.

The projects developed by Despina are based around the following proposals:

– create a lively, supportive and dynamic environment for the development and exhibition of contemporary art

– facilitate experimentation and innovation in contemporary art practices by stimulating dialogue between artists and across cultures

– encourage the professional development of artists through a non-judgemental and process-based art residency programme

– widen access to contemporary art, instigating critical thinking

– contribute to the urban and cultural revitalization of the city centre of Rio de Janeiro, where the space is located.

Despina is one of the cities imagined by Italo Calvino in his work “The Invisible Cities”, originally published in 1972. In this book, the Italian author describes a city that looks different to those arriving by land or by sea, suggesting a reflection on the contradiction and duality of the human spirit as well as the diversity of perspectives that a single object can provide.