Exchanging Secrets

01.09.2021 - 30.09.2021

Exchanging Secrets, RCT (2019-2021) is a work in process by Diambe da Silva, artist invited to occupy Despina’s studio during the month of September alongside artist Sabine Passareli. Key engravings and movable fabric structures create a temporary space in favor of mystery. The work will later be assembled at Centro Cultural São Paulo (CCSP), in the artist’s first solo show.

“Exchanging secrets is a scenario created with things that I’ve gathered since 2019 in a journey through several homes”, explains the artist. Fabrics, cutouts, silkscreen prints, keys and other elements make up a fluid mobile that contains much of the artist’s trajectory and experiences.

This is the third time that Diambe has participated in Despina’s initiatives. Visits by appointment only, directly with the artist.