Sabrina Barrios

Artists in residence
01.08.2018 - 31.08.2018

Born in Santa Maria (Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil), lives and works in New York, USA. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design from Universidade Federal de Santa Maria  (UFSM) and a Master’s Degree in Visual Arts from The Pratt Institute, New York.

Sabrina’s practice investigates the gaps in human history as a way of questioning our ideas about reality. Mixing science and quantum physics, mythology and conspiracy theories, she uses symbolism and geometry in order to bring to discussion hidden or misinterpreted facts.

Her most recent installations include: “Escape Plan” (Rio de Janeiro, 2018); “Epic of Creation” (Finland, 2017); “Birth” (Poland, 2017); “The Earth Experiment” (USA, 2017); “Ley Lines” (USA, 2017); “The Horse Rider and the Eagle” (Brussels, 2016) and “In Finities” (USA, 2012). Her paintings have been exhibited at the 4th Biennial of the Bronx Museum (New York, 2017), JustMAD (Madrid, 2016), Anita Schwartz Gallery (Rio de Janeiro, 2014/15) . Among the residences that she participated, we highlight: The Studios – MAS MoCA (USA, 2017); Arteles (Finland, 2017); Bronx-AIM Museum (New York, 2016); Bains Connective (Brussels, 2016) and The Wassaic Project (New York, 2015).

During her residency at Despina, Sabrina continued her research – a journey between the contrasting poles of Rio de Janeiro’s social geography, using art as an instrument of reflection, resistance and change.

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