Workshop – Active cartography of networks of care and creation

Courses and Workshops
21, 28/04 and 5/05


Art ana Activism in Latin America – year III (2018)

Led by: Cristina Ribas

This process-workshop reflected on the relationship between networks of care and networks of creation from a feminist perspective and from attention to reproductive work . The active cartography emerges from our relations, experiences and strategies of care and creation, sharing and researching ways of expression from the body and improvisation.

Cristina Ribas is a woman and mother. Works as an artist, researcher and curator. Lived for some years abroad studying for her pHd doctorate at Goldsmiths College University of London – where she wrote about schizo-analytical cartography in Brazil and four groups or theatrical tools. She holds an MA from the Art Institute at UERJ, Rio de Janeiro (2008). In 2015, she started practicing Teatro do Oprimido (Theatre of the opressed) through self-organized groups in intersection with mental health and feminist groups. Since 2008, she has led various projects, organized residencies for artists and worked in several interdisciplinary projects. Ribas seeks to provoke articulations between artistic practices, production of knowledge and archive, and more recently, she has been involved in feminist studies from a feminist perspective of social reproduction. She pursues to act in a transversal manner from the merge of the art field with other practices and institutions. Between 2005 and 2009, Ribas developed the research “Emergency Archive”, – which in 2011 was incorporated into the online open platform She is part of the artists and researchers network, “Conceptualismos del Sur”. In 2014, she conceived and developed – alongside other researchers – “ Vocabulário político para processos estéticos” (Political vocabulary for aesthetic processes). Since 2015, she has been developing the “Protocol to intersect vocabularies”, a workshop proposal for practicing voice, body, improvisation and collective composition.

Pictures Gallery (horizontal scrolling)
by Frederico Pellachin, Lucas Sargentelli and Cristina Ribas

This workshop was part of the third edition of Despina’s  Art and Activism in Latin America project, with the support from the Prince Claus Fund. For more information, click here.