Workshop – Queer Retrofuturism

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Thursday, 21.06.2018


Art and Activism in Latin America – year III (2018)

Led by: Felipe Rivas San Martín

This workshop is proposed as a journey through time, as a collective forum of discussion and affective-political activation around the temporality of sexual dissent and gender activism. During the workshop, the main debates on sexual dissent and queer theory will be discussed alongside memories of queerness that cross the personal biography (micro) and the social context (macro), as well as the sexual past of resistance in Latin-American – more visible today thanks to the boom of art archives. This workshop serves as a reflection on activism as a human activity that inhabits the urgency of the present, and that is also affected by the past and by a possible future. Some of the topics that are going to be discussed: do sexual and gender dissent have a future? Or: Is the future heterosexual? Will the future be queer, a queer utopia or a political-sexual dystopia? From this context, the workshop proposes a retrofuturist methodology based on the review of past archives and current events. The workshop invites all participants to produce materials (text and images) in order to project domination, fights, conquests and resistances of sexual dissidents in the future.


What: Workshop – “Queer Retrofuturim” (Free)
Led by: Felipe Rivas San Martín
Where: Despina (Rua do Senado, 271 – Centro)
When: Thursday, 21 june
Time: 6:30 pm – 10 pm


Pictures Gallery (horizontal scrolling)
by Frederico Pellachin

This workshop was part of the third edition of Despina’s  Art and Activism in Latin America project, with the support from the Prince Claus Fund. For more information, click here.