Workshop – Performing women in the city (with artist Stephanie Black-Daniels)

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Despina resident artist, Stephanie Black-Daniels, seeks up to three female-identifying artists to performatively collaborate with, in and around the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Stephanie is an artist from Scotland who works with performance. She is currently on a residency with Despina through the Open Bodies Residency (Residência Corpos Abertos). While on this residency she is exploring the relationship of the body and gender politics in response to the city. She wishes to explore the complexity of the city and its socio-political context by working directly with the women of the city for “Performing women in the city” (‘Performando mulheres da cidade’).

Stephanie would like to link up with other female-identifying Rio-based artists. She is particularly interested in those who wish to explore place, identity, sexuality and its complexities with the city through day-long performative activities. This may include activities, such as: gesture, text, costume, video and photography.

Stephanie will work with participating artists on a one-to-one basis through a series of day-long workshops. Activities will be determined by Stephanie in advance and shaped collaboratively with the artists during the workshop.

Both Stephanie and the participating artists will work together to document the day, exchanging ideas and outcomes. Please note that outcomes from the day may be shared by Stephanie at a later date in Brazil and or/Scotland.

Stephanie is seeking artists who would like to respond to one of the following three strands:

  1. Rituals and wildness – Using physicality to map and navigate the city and break away from ‘normalised’ interaction and gender roles
  2. Identity and surface – Using object and clothing to mark and trace the body in relation to the city and its history
  3. Rhythm and sexuality – Using the voice, sounds and text to build and strengthen a dialogue with the city responding to current socio-cultural ‘norms’

Key information for participating artists

Workshops will be scheduled between Friday 14th September and Friday 21st September. Artists must indicate which date they would be available to carry out the workshop. Workshops will run from 11 am to 6 pm.

This workshop is free of charge and places are limited! Only 3 artists will be selected.

Workshop schedule and fee

The day will begin with a discussion of the day’s activities at Despina. This will be followed by a site-specific performative exploration and performance moments. It will conclude with documentation, discussion and feedback. We are able to pay 100 Brazilian Reais for participating in the workshop and performance exchange. Participants will also be provided with lunch. This project is able to include children under your care, or pay for one day’s childcare. If you require this support, please identify this in your application.

How to apply

Using the email subject: ‘Performando mulheres da cidade’, write to with the following information by 5 pm on Wednesday 12th September:

  • your name, email address, website and social media
  • whether you speak English, Brazilian portuguese, or both
  • what dates you would be able to attend a workshop between 14th – 21st September
  • name two locations in the city that you would like to carry out a workshop exploration
  • state which of the three strands you would like to respond to
  • a short paragraph about your interest in the project and discussing your practice

About the artist

Stephanie is a Scottish artist making performance within the field of visual art. She has been working nationally and internationally since 2010 and is a graduate of the Glasgow School of Art. Her work is primarily concerned with gender and sexuality, looking closely at current socio-cultural and political issues. Stephanie’s practice situates between the sculptural and choreographic. She combines performance with a range of media and forms to explore the body as a tool of measurement, questioning notions around ‘self’ and ‘the other’, and creating temporal experiences for audiences through her live, recorded, drawing, image and sound-based scores.

About Open Bodies Residency / Residência Corpos Abertos

Open Bodies Residency (Residência Corpos Abertos) is a programme designed jointly by Despina and The Fruitmarket Gallery, with support from the British Council and Creative Scotland. It seeks Brazilian and Scottish-based artists who make performance and whose work is interested in gender and/or sexuality. The programme is in two parts. The residency will take place at Despina in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in September 2018. The selected artists will participate in a range of cross-cultural activities such as public talks, sharing of work events, studio visits and exhibition tours. Part two of the programme sees the Scottish artists participate in the Open Out programme at The Fruitmarket Gallery in Edinburgh in February 2019 (dates tbc between 11–24 Feb). The artists will propose workshops and lead a programme event. The four selected artists who will be attending this year’s programme at Despina are: Miro Spinelli (Brazil), Vinícius Pinto Rosa (Brazil), Henry McPherson (Scotland) and Stephanie Black-Daniels (Scotland). They will take over Despina’s residency studios to develop their projects and participate in a series of events and activities, including public talks and workshops.

Image credit
Stephanie Black-Daniels
“Image 36”, Shrouded series, 2018
Cortesy of the artist