“Nuestra venganza es ser felices” – Feminist Graphic Workshop with Danitza Luna

What's On
7 meetings between May and June

Art and Activism in Latin America – year III

Workshop coordinated by: Danitza Luna

“Nuestra venganza es ser felices” (Our revenge is to be happy) is a free feminist graphic workshop for women of all kinds, in all forms and all colors, of all professions and occupations, of all imaginable origins and unimaginable, creative women and angry women, silent and noisy. Women in a state of irreversible and irrepressible rebellion.

“Nuestra venganza es ser felices” is a graphite inscription of the Bolivian feminist movement “Mujeres Creando”, which also acts as the synthesis of a method, a strategy of struggle, strength and resistance. However, this does not want to be only resistance.

Only pencil and paper will be used during the workshop. Prior experience in drawing or art is not required. The meetings last three hours each and they are meant to be more political than artistic. The results will be compiled into a printed memoir which will be distributed to all women attending the meetings.

The workshop takes place on 7 different dates. Check below the schedule of the meetings, no prior registration is required, just pop up in our space on the day (or days) you want to participate. Despina is located at Rua do Senado, 271 (Centro). Nearest subway: Central.

Schedule of meetings

Saturday- 19 May (3 – 6 pm)

Tuesday – 22 May (6 – 9 pm)

Thursday – 24 May (3 – 6 pm)

Saturday – 26 May (3 – 6 pm)

Tuesday – 29 May (6 – 9 pm)

Tuesday – 5 June (6 – 9 pm)

Thursday – 7 June (3 – 6 pm)

Important! The meetings are not continuous. You can join as many as you want.


Danitza Luna is a Bolivian cartoonist and graphic designer who lives and works in La Paz. Graduated in Visual Arts from the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés, specializing in sculpture. Since 2011, she has been part of the anarcho-feminist movement “Mujeres Creando”, one of the most important and influential political platforms in the country, which develops artistic intervention and performance projects in public spaces, as well as art and screen printing workshops and educational programs in universities and women’s unions. Amongst the recent exhibitions she participated as part of “Mujeres Creando”, we highlight:  “Muros Blandos”, held at the Salvador Allende Solidarity Museum in Santiago de Chile (2017), where she developed, alongside artists and activists Esther Angollo and Maria Galindo, a series of provocative and ironic murals that brought the attention to some political and religious controversies around the discussions on gender identity. In 2016, she developed (also with Esther and Maria) a commissioned work for the Bolivian International Biennial of Arts –  the public intervention projects “Altar Blasfemo” and “Escudo Anarco-Feminista Antichauvinista”, which took place on the external wall of the National Museum of Art City of La Paz. In 2015, she participated in the Medellin International Art Meeting – “Historias Locales / Prácticas Globales”, in Colombia, where she coordinated with other members of the collective the screen printing workshop  “Grafica Feminista, No acepto ser cosificada” in the Muesu of Antioquia. The results of this experiment were displayed on a public mural in the streets of Medellin.


What: “Nuestra venganza es ser felices” – Feminist Graphic Workshop with Danitza Luna (free admission)
Where: Despina (Rua do Senado, 271 – Centro)
When: 7 meetings – schedule above

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