Workshop – “Nuestra venganza es ser felices”

Courses and Workshops
7 meetings between May and June


Art and Activism in Latin America – year III

Led by: Danitza Luna

“Nuestra venganza es ser felices” (Our vengeance is to be happy) is a graphic feminist workshop for all women – of all forms and colour, occupations and professions, of all imaginable and unimaginable origins, creative and angry, silent and noisy. Women in state of irreversible and irrepressible rebellion. “Nuestra venganza es ser felices” is an in grafiti by the Bolivian feminist movement “Mujeres Creando” – which also acts as synthesis of a method, a fight and resistance strategy. During the workshop, the participants worked only with pencil and paper in a process that was more political than artistic, in which the graphic results were compiled in a zine format publication, launched in the opening of the exhibition “Dissent and Destruction”.

Schedule of meetings

Saturday- 19 May (3 – 6 pm)

Tuesday – 22 May (6 – 9 pm)

Thursday – 24 May (3 – 6 pm)

Saturday – 26 May (3 – 6 pm)

Tuesday – 29 May (6 – 9 pm)

Tuesday – 5 June (6 – 9 pm)

Thursday – 7 June (3 – 6 pm)

Important! The meetings are not continuous. You can join as many as you want.



What: Workshop – “Nuestra venganza es ser felices” (Free)
Led by: Danitza Luna
Where: Despina (Rua do Senado, 271 – Centro)
When: 7 meetings – schedule above

Credit of the image
Mujeres Creando

Pictures Gallery (horizontal scrolling)
by Frederico Pellachin

This workshop was part of the third edition of Despina’s Art and Activism in Latin America project, with the support from the Prince Claus Fund. For more information, click here.