Maga Berr

Artists in Residence
16.05.2019 - 31.07.2019

Born in Lima (Peru), lives and works in Amsterdam (Netherlands). Witnessing diverse power struggles for emancipation in her country of origin has influenced her practice. Her goal at the moment is to carry out the project “A house for the un-known”, which will be developed within the Despina Residency Programme and in the city where she lives, Amsterdam (within the residency context of CBK Zuidoost).

In this project, Berr is interested to observe the social inequalities within the urban systems of housing, urban planning and design. How do people get excluded or included? And why? Part of the problem is due gentrification,  mostly a consequence of our unequal societies. In her artistic practice, she usually explores and challenges social or historical inequalities through a sculptural process. To develop this current project, she will interview people who are positively or negatively affected by this situation of urban inequality and will develop sculptural work that challenges this situation in some way. During this process, she aims to work with local (found) materials in combination with her own constructions. She also aims to invite local people from the neighbourhoods where she works to contribute to the sculptural process and also to write statements about the theme. Materials that are relevant to this context will be used.

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This residency project is financially supported by the Mondriaan Fonds and the Stichting Stokroos Foundation.