Linda Söderholm & Žiga Gerbec

Artists in Residence
01.05.2016 - 30.06.2016

Linda Söderholm & Žiga Gerbec live and work in Ljubljana, Slovenia. They are involved with dance, music, hip hop culture and mixed media. Both are bboys/bgirls (breakdancing) and utilize other elements of hip hop culture such as graffiti and DJing. Together with other members of the Slovene NGO association GOR – and – they organize different club events, dance jams, workshops and other hip hop related events on a weekly basis. GOR strives to develop the local hip hop scene and educate the youth interested in hip hop.

Linda has a Master of Arts degree in New Media from Aalto University School of Arts and Design, MediaLab Helsinki, Finland as well as a Master of Arts in Russian language and literature from the University of Helsinki. She works as a freelance graphic designer and is enthusiastic about design, typography, graffiti, analog/digital photography and video ( ).

Žiga started bboying in 2004 and has since then participated in many international breaking events around the globe. He is active in developing the local scene in Slovenia, where he teaches breaking classes and organizes various events. Besides this he is also an eager record collector and a DJ.

During their residency in Despina Residency Programme, they plan to organize an event by the work title “Shadow Olympics”. The piece is a logical continuation to our previous work about bboys/bgirls done in West Africa (2014) and Finland (2011). This time they wish to explore the connection of visuals, dance and music with the means of hip hop culture in a million city like Rio with a vibrant hip hop scene.

Therefore, they developed the concept of “Rua 2016”, a sort of “anti-olympic games”, which aims to bring together a number of marginalized activities by the “olympic spirit”, such as skateboarding, parkour, breaking and MC battles. These activities will take place in the streets of Rio in the period before the official games. In the games from the early days, there was a wide range of activities, which included poetry reading, music and the participation of amateur competitors.

Next Sunday, 26, “Rua 2016” will finally take place – held in partnership with the I Love XV collective – at Praça XV de Novembro. Anyone can participate in the exhibitions of the activities (which were chosen by voting on the internet) between 1 and 6pm. This event will also bring DJs Kong, Alex Freeze, Tillo and Dziga. Come along!

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