Jennifer Taylor

Artists in Residence
01.08.2016 - 31.08.2016

A London-based artist, working with live performance, experimental film and large-scale installation. Jennifer completed her MA in Sculpture at the Royal Collage of Art and obtained a first-class honours degree from the Ruskin School at the University of Oxford. She has exhibited at the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain in Paris, The Wapping Project and The Institute of Contemporary Arts in London, Art First in Bologna and Modern Art Oxford.

Jennifer’s work is concerned with the energy that exists as systems, technologies and behaviour become excessive, and are pushed towards a state of crisis or breakdown and grow beyond control. The anticipatory anxiety of this moment manifests itself in the form of live performances with giant balloons which threaten to burst, chaotic installations which hover at the brink of collapse and process-based drawings which push the mind, body and paper to their limits.

She is also interested in the concept of transhumanism and the future augmentation of the human body through technology. With this comes the terror of machine take-over and our potential helplessness in the face of technological malfunction or system overloads. Jennifer wants to explore the horror of finding ourselves physically entrapped and enslaved by corrupted machines. Her films therefore often degenerate into farcical pantomimes of low-fi cyborgization. Giant balloons seem to meld themselves onto the form of a solitary female figure, like some loathsome parasites. They slowly seem to reduce her to a malformed, primordial version of herself. Lost within desolate landscapes, with obscure ancient relics, this singular, isolated figure seems trapped within an impossible nightmare, with no one to rescue her. Perhaps she is the last remaining human left on Earth?

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