28.03.2013 - 11.05.2013

Gallery Nosco and Despina | Largo das Artes are pleased to welcome the public to Binary, curated by Cyril Moumen. This exhibition brings artists from the US, UK, and Brazil.

An eclectic amalgamation of artistic mediums, the exhibition is comprised of new media, painting, photography, drawing, sculpture and sound module. The multifaceted combination diverse means of artistic construction enhance the structure of the exhibition.

Camila Emson’s paintings, Gabriel Netto’s drawings and Túlio Pinto’s sculpture are all utilized as starting points to navigate the exhibition and are indicative of the tension encircling artistic endeavour and its porous relationship with reality.

Brian House’s new media and sound piece, Micah Schippa’s video and Pablo Ferretti’s paintings, on the other hand, use layering of memory, stories and images to construct their works. While Ferretti’s work is analogue, however, Schippa and House manipulate the works between analogue and digital; Schippa’s commences as an analogue piece before morphing into digital in contrast to House who takes digital and transforms it into an analogue platform.

Marcelo Jacome’s unseen new body of work and Marcone Moreira photographs, continue to explore further dialogue with space and culture.

Binary exhibition has been inspired by Cyril Moumen’s travels in addition to his curational residency at Largo das Artes, that now expands from a gallery into a centre for contemporary art, with studios, a gallery and a residency programme. Moumen’s focus upon different artistic mediums, how they interact with one another or the audience individually before unifying to create a dialogue with the audience highlights the binary, or twofold, nature of the exhibition. It is an innovative and dynamic outlook, which aims to further inspire artistic endeavour.


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