Mina Mana Mona


Mina Mana Mona is a project of collective occupation of the arts studios at Despina by women cis and trans during October and November 2021. We propose to articulate collaborations, intersections and a network of affection and income generation. More than a proposition, Mina Mana Mona is an exercise. The project ended with an arts and activism fair with 17 exhibitors invited to participate: Aline Besouro, Amanda Seraphico, Anis Yaguar, Aya Ibeji, Cali Nassar, Consuelo Bassanesi and Marcela Fauth / Vem pra Luta Amada, Dri Simões, Ella Franz Rafa , Lanchonete <> Lanchonete, Lara Lima, Maria Palmerio, Mariana Paraizo, Mayara Velozo, Sabine Passareli, Sofia Skmma, Tapixi Guajajara, Yuki Hayashi / Fudida Silk. The kitchen was in charge of KuzinhaNem, a vegan gastronomic training project from Casa Nem, a shelter home for transgender people. Other editions of the Mina Mana Mona Fair will take place throughout 2022.