Maria Palmeiro

Maria Palmeiro is an architect and has been immersed in painting since 2011. She is currently doing her masters degree at the School of Communication (ECO) at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), where she has been researching the connections between painting and performative acts. Taking inspiration on the theme “Performative Studio”, Maria seeks to explore the relationship between the workspace and the exhibition space, private and public space, individuality and participation – as well as the intersection between practice and theory in arts.


Solo and collective exhibitions

2016        “DOBRA #11”, Performance at Indisciplinas Seminar, Casa França-Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, RJ.

2016        “Ateliê performativo ocupa”, Performance at Casa França – Brazil, Rio de Janeiro.

2016        “DOBRA #10”, Performance at Desilha Seminar, Escola de Belas Artes, Rio de Janeiro, RJ.

2015        Performance CORTE [ Cut Piece ], Rio de Janeiro, RJ.

2014        Solo show: “A Obra Está”,  CASAMATA Gallery, Rio de Janeiro, RJ.

2014        EAV Parque Lage collective students show, Rio de Janeiro, RJ.

2011        3rd  “Artist Without a Gallery” Salon at Estúdio Buck and Casa da Xiclet, São Paulo, SP

Selection of works