Marcela Cavallini

01.03.2020 - 31.03.2020

Marcela Cavallini lives and works in Rio de Janeiro. Performer, sudaka dancer and yoga teacher, the artist is interested in fictional processes of the body and the relationship between culture and society, from the perspective of memory, ethics, feminism and the environment.

Master’s student in the Post-Graduate Program in Contemporary Studies of the Arts at Universidade Federal Fluminense. Specialist in Science, Art and Culture in Health at Instituto Oswaldo Cruz -FIOCRUZ. Degree in Dance from Faculdade Angel Vianna and in Biological Sciences from Universidade Federal Fluminense. Studied at Parque Lage’s EAV Foundation Program. Graduated professionally in Contemporary Dance from the School of Theater and Dance Fafi-ES.

Worked in partnership with other artists and collectives in dance, performance and visual arts projects, including: arts project in community collaboration “Estampar Movimento em Cor”, awarded by the Cultural Microprojects award of the extinct Ministry of Culture; video performance Ata-Duras, part of Panorama de Artes Visuais in Belo Horizonte; “Would I Eat Meat from Bulls?” dance-theater show awarded by SECULT-ES; “Bunda e Progresso”, participant of the Belo Horizonte Performance Festival and of the Aldeia SESC-ES; “Scarpin-me – Imagem e Desafio”, a program of performances and creation in residence together with the group Obscena-BH, awarded by the SECULT-ES artistic residency notice. Selected with the group Acção through the Cultural Diversity award with the Arts, Carnival and Social Empowerment Project “Perseguidas – I like being a woman!”.

Her last solo works participated in the Latin American Festival of Art and Activism -UYU and Festival Corpos Críticas-RJ. Currently, she is linked to BRISA Lab with the artistic residency “Sensitive Territories: Baía de Guanabara” financed by the Prince Claus Fund and the Goethe Institut.


To Those Who Intent to Cross Walls: Performance between Residences

On March 16, halfway through the artist’s residence, Despina closed due to Covid-19. Following the initial proposal of conducting residencies within the residency, and in dialogue with six other artists – Edzita Sigo Viva, Clarice Rito, Tuk Melo, Ara Nogueira, Dulce Lysyj and Anna Cecilia Cabral – the exchanges continued remotely and the developments are a document of this difficult time in which we isolated ourselves in the face of an unprecedented crisis and epidemic.

The results can be seen in this PDF document, produced collaboratively by the artists.

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