Talk with Tania Bruguera and Pablo Leòn de la Barra

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Tuesday, 18.10.2016

We are pleased to invite you all to join us for a talk with Cuban artist Tania Bruguera (via video conference) and curator Pablo Dela Leòn Barra.

This event will take place in our space (located at Rua Luis de Camões, 2 – Sobrado – City Centre) next Tuesday, 18 Oct, at 7 pm. Admission is free.

This talk will address the concept of “Arte Útil” roughly translates into English as ‘useful art’ but it goes further suggesting art as a tool or device. For the past ten years the artist Tania Bruguera has been teaching and researching Arte Útil through an academy in Havana; the Arte Útil lab at Queens Museum, residencies at Immigrant Movement International, New York and
most recently the Museum of Arte Útil, in the Old Building of the Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven.

Whether through self-organised groups, individual initiatives or the rise of user generated content people are developing new methods and social formations to deal with issues that were once the domain of the state. Arte Útil case studies show how these initiatives are not isolated incidents, but part of a global movement shaping our contemporary world.

The notion of what constitutes Arte Útil has been arrived at via a set of criteria that was formulated by Tania Bruguera and curators at the Queens Museum, New York, Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven and Grizedale Arts, Coniston.

The criteria of Arte Útil state that initiatives should:

1- Propose new uses for art within society
2- Challenge the field within which it operates (civic, legislative, pedagogical, scientific, economic, etc)
3- Be ‘timing specific’, responding to current urgencies
4- Be implemented and function in real situations
5- Replace authors with initiators and spectators with users
6- Have practical, beneficial outcomes for its users
7- Pursue sustainability whilst adapting to changing conditions
8- Re-establish aesthetics as a system of transformation



Talk with Tania Bruguera and Pablo Leòn de la Barra
Where: Despina | Largo das Artes
Rua Luis de Camões, 2 – Sobrado
Centro – Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Time: 7 pm
Free admission


ART AND ACTIVISM IN LATIN AMERICA is a Despina project with the support and partnership of the Dutch organization Prince Claus Fund. The project ART AND ACTIVISM IN LATIN AMERICA will bring together artists and activists from the north side of Brazil and other Latin American countries in an artist residence programme lasting two months, starting in September. The idea is to work in a variety of informal modes of education, such as workshops, public lectures, visits to schools and universities and an exhibition. Participation costs will be fully covered by the Prince Claus Fund as part of its Network Partnership Programme, from which Despina is part of. More information, here.



Museum of Arte Útil
Year of conception: 2000
Development years: 2013 – present
Courtesy: Studio Bruguera