Conversa com Roberto Jacoby

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Thursday, 29.09.2016

Art and Activism in Latin America – year I (2016)

Considered as one of the protagonists of conceptual art in Latin America, Roberto Jacoby exposes in his practice the recurrence of an obssession in defying the traditional art piece through paths of discontinuous, ephemeral and immaterial contexts – with a strong political appeal. He started his art career in 1964 and was part of the so called “Geração Di Tella”, a reference to the Instituto Di Tella, where he studied. Sociologist, essayist, journalist, writer, cultural and social agitator, also wrote a dozen of lyrics for post-punk Argentinian group, “Vírus” in the 1980’s.

In this public talk, named “Experimental communities: an archipelago in the ocean of reality”, Jacoby will present and discuss the actions he developed in public spaces in the last decades.



Talk with Roberto Jacoby – Art and Activism in Latin America
When: 29 September, Thursday, 8 pm
Where: Despina
Free admission


ART AND ACTIVISM IN LATIN AMERICA is a project conceived by Despina, with the support from the Dutch organization Prince Claus Fund. The project extends for three years (2016, 2017 and 2018). Each year, a theme guided a series of actions and events, including occupations, workshops, talks, film screenings, exhibitions, public talks with important names from the contemporary artistic + activist thought and a residency programme. For this first edition, the theme is Public Space. For more information, click here.