Britt Dorenbosch

Artists in residence
01.11.2017 - 30.11.2017

Works and lives in Utrecht, Netherlands. Graduated in 2013 at HKU University of the Arts Utrecht.

With colorful drawings and paintings, Dorenbosch shows her direct surroundings. Through researching the objects that she encounters in her everyday life she looks further than their material characteristics and investigates the stories and memories that are included in the things that surround us. Here, she finds the reason to celebrate the power and pleasure of painting.

Painting series of the interiors of her family environment, Dorenbosch recently focused on her own home. What are the elements that create a sense of home? How well do we know the things that surround us and how do they define our sense of home? Her childhood plays an important part in finding the answers. The many plants in her living room, the colorful floor rugs and the self-built cupboards refer to her childhood home. Her research is very individual and personal, but her work is rendered in an abstract manner that allows the viewer to relate to it.

Working at Despina, Dorenbosch is separated fromm her everyday belongings. Therefore, she is forced to search for other ways to feel at home.

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instagram: @britt_dorenbosch

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(by Frederico Pellachin)