29.09.2015 - 16.10.2015

“29 DE SETEMBRO” brought together 12 artists who developed their works during the course “Theory and Portfolio”, at Parque Lage Visual Arts School (EAV)  in 2014 under the tutorship of Efrain Almeida and Marcelo Campos.

“This exhibition celebrates a year of living with a group of artists who are dedicated to display, discuss and change the stability of their works. Gathering comments on expanded topics, such as belonging, scale, addresses that have reached, with greater or lesser degree of reaction, and material resources, such as video, photography, painting, drawing, among others. (…) We see here a plurality of poetics in different stages of creation, coming out of the invisibility of procedures for the confrontation with the externality.”

Efrain Almeida and Marcelo Campos

Artists: Adriana Ferraz, Anitta Good Life, Caroline Peacock, Claudia Laux, Fabio Scaglione, Janio Mendes, Jorge Termite, Leila Bokel, Maria Fernanda Lucena, Piti Thomas, Regina Pereto and Talita Tunala.