Stine Kvam

Artists in Residence
01.10.2019 - 30.11.2019

Born in Norway, lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. Her work deals with sound and video- based installations. Key-words to her practice are: reality-perceptions, communication and the idea of the Other as a condition for understanding one’s own identity.

Stine often engages strangers who perform a certain physical activity to partake in her projects, and this is also her intention for the work to be developed during her stay in Rio.

The residency project

There are specific methods when creating a cinematic narrative, for the course of events to be ”read” the intended way. Apart from the dramaturgy, the cinematic techniques such as footage, editing, sound, light, point of view are all essential to the story’s logic and readability.

Since film and staging of reality are a big part of our everyday lives, Stine  is interested in how these reality-presentations affect our own perception of reality.

During the residency at Despina, she will twist and manipulate the traditional cinematic techniques of narration, by capturing and staging everyday activities from the local area around the residency, creating a fragmented, complex, incomprehensible narrative, that might be representational to the real.

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