zum zum auê – collective of collectives

April - July 2022

DESPINA, with the support of the City Hall of Rio de Janeiro, through the Carioca Culture Promotion Program of the Municipal Department of Culture, is pleased to announce Zum Zum Auê – Collective of Collectives, a project in the field of arts and aesthetic-political activism designed to support, promote the work and the self-representation of collectives formed by bodies that are historically subordinated and their narratives erased, as people LGBTQIA+, Afro-descendants, indigenous people and women.
The project consists of a six-week residency program, between May ans June 2022, where four artist collectives, selected by open call and through a selection committee, will be part of an agenda that includes support for the practices of each group, collective activations and events open to the public.
Zum Zum Auê – Collective of Collectives has as main objectives:
– Support, strengthen and make visible the cultural production of collectives in Rio de Janeiro formed by historically subordinated bodies such as LGBTQI, black, indigenous and women;
– Encourage the formation of networks and exchanges among the collectives;
– Provide tools for the development of the practices of each collective through the Educative Programme;
– Share creative practices through public workshops proposed by the collectives;
– Present to the public the artistic work of relevant collectives in the Rio de Janeiro cultural scene;
– Create possibilities for public access to the backstage of creative processes;
– Make visible the practices and guidelines contained in the actions of the collectives and their members;
– Guarantee the continuity of the work of Despina and the professionals who are part of the Association’s network, expanding financial support to collectives of artists.

SELECTED COLLECTIVES: Anarca Filmes, Coletiva Ocultas, Slam das Minas RJ and Trovoa.