Silvia Binda Heiserova

Artists in Residence
01.05.2016 - 31.05.2016

Silvia Binda Heiserova lives and works in Bratislava, Slovakia. She graduated from the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain), Faculty of Fine Arts, where she is currently enrolled in a Doctoral Programme in Artistic Practice and Research.

Silvia’s artistic interest lies in the critique of western phallocentric power structures, symbols and vestiges. She focuses on concepts of symbolic masculine power, its historical contexts, mechanisms of its establishing, while rethinking patterns of social perception and psychology of colour. Thus she experiments with hybridization of elements, colours and forms with the aim to question the legitimacy of phallocentric power through its symbols.

During her participation in Despina Residency Programme, Silvia will work on a project analysing the urban memory of Rio de Janiero from a feminist perspective. Her research will be focused on how history is represented and interpreted in the urban space through commemorative elements in a context of gender hierarchy.

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