Roberta Vaz

Artists in Residence
16.02.2020 - 28.02.2020

Born in Bagé (Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil), lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Studied Performing Arts at UFRGS / POA and soon moved to London – United Kingdom, where she acted in and directed dance pieces in places such as Robin Howard Theater of Dance, Battersea Arts Center, Camden People’s Theater, ICA and Hoxton Hall. Also in the UK, she graduated in Visual Arts at Central Saint Martins – University of the Arts London.

Her video works, performances and installations appeared in group exhibitions in Le Manicle – Le Havre / France, Strangelove Moving Image Festival – London, Supernormal – Ipsden / United Kingdom, Horatio Jr. – London, Kulturhaus – Stockholm, Waterside Contemporary – London, City Art Festival – Porto Alegre, Vitrine Gallery – London, Santander Cultural – Porto Alegre, Alma Enterprise – London and Bronze – Porto Alegre. She has published in Auto Italia South East – London and in Take Care Magazine – Milan. Her last exhibition (Dioptre – Display) took place in Berlin, in november 2019, and is now being shown at Galeria Prego, in Porto Alegre (from February to March 2020).

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