Reply All

Current Exhibition
27.04.2017 - 24.05.2017

“Reply All” is the second part of a collaboration project, which started in 2016 at the Manchester School of Art (MSA) in England. After winning the Marcantonio Vilaça Prize for curatorship, Raphael Fonseca went for a three month residency at the MSA, where he organized a project entitled “Reply all”. The curatorship consisted of inviting ten undergraduate or graduate artists from the university to dialogue with the same number of artists from Brazil and to work in pairs. During the month of July, the group spoke virtually through e-mails, messages and video meetings, thinking together of ways of creative collaboration, either by formal affinity or by thematic interest. In August, at the Grosvernor Gallery (the exhibition space of the MSA), an exhibition was shown, which brought the results of this experience.

Arriving at Despina, “Reply All” will function as a return to the same collaborative process, with the purpose of producing new works. The central difference now is that the Brazilian-based artists will be responsible for installing the works at Despina’s exhibition space (after a month of virtual dialogue). These new works don’t need to be similar to those previously presented in Manchester.


  • José Nibra (MA Photography) + Jonas Arrabal (Rio de Janeiro)
  • Nica Aquino (MA Contemporary Visual Culture) + Luciana Miyuki (São Paulo)
  • Samantha Evans (BA Fine Art) + Cristiana Nogueira (Macapá)
  • Leo Robinson (BA Fine Art) + Tiago Sant’Ana (Salvador)
  • Mollie Milton (BA Fine Art) + Raquel Versieux (Crato)
  • Wes Foster (BA Photography) + Rafael Adorján (Rio de Janeiro)
  • Bex Ilsley (BA Fine Art) + Eduardo Montelli (Porto Alegre)
  • Kimberley Robinson (BA Fine Art) + Nina Orthof (Brasilia)
  • Kasumi Dean (BA Fine Art) + Julia Arbex (Rio de Janeiro)
  • Laura-Anne Taylor (BA Fine Art) + Raquel Nava (Brasilia)


“Reply all”
Curator: Raphael Fonseca
Artists: Bex Ilsley, Cristiana Nogueira, Eduardo Montelli, Jonas Arrabal, José Nibra, Julia Arbex, Kasumi Dean, Kimberley Robinson, Laura-Anne Taylor, Leo Robinson, Luciana Miyuki, Mollie Milton, Nica Aquino, Nina Orthof, Rafael Adorján, Raquel Nava, Raquel Versieux, Samantha Evans, Tiago Sant’Ana, Wes Foster
Opening: 27 April, at 7 pm
Exhibition continues until 24 May
Visiting times: Tuesdays to Fridays, from 11 am to 7 pm
Where: Despina
Rua Luis de Camões, 2 – Sobrado
Centro – Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Free admission

Credit of the image
José Nibra and Jonas Arrabal

Pictures Gallery (horizontal scrolling)
(by Rafael Adorján)