13.04.2016 - 01.06.2016

Between April 13 and June 1, Despina | Largo das Artes will host the activities of the 1st Program PRAZER É PODER.

Curated by Bernardo José de Souza and Susana Guardado, this program comprises a series of actions and debates investigating notions of art, hedonism and counterculture, but above all a research platform on the creative power emanating from the vital instincts or even the drives of destruction. Driven by curiosity that kills and makes us live, the meetings seek to speculate on the pleasure principle and the various cultural events which flow from it.

Here are some speculations to feed the debate proposed by PRAZER É PODER:

We would be living today an imagination crisis? There is still room for utopia in contemporary life? Would the beach be a great democratic arena for the exercise of pleasure and freedom? Would the street be the great political arena where personal and collective beliefs are expressed, experienced and heard by the masses?

Learn more about the programming (in Portuguese) here.



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