New items in Compa – Women’s Archive


In 2020 Despina was awarded the subsidy provided for the Lei Aldir Blanc, aimed at the maintenance of artistic and cultural spaces that had their activities interrupted due to social isolation measures. In return, we had planned five workshops in municipal schools when they reopened. At that moment, we imagined that in a few months this would be possible. Given the lack of control of the pandemic in the country, we had to adapt our counterpart to the digital format.

In this scenario, we propose the insertion of entries by activist artists in Compa – Women’s Archive. These items are the embryo of a survey that we intend to carry out throughout 2022, mapping the activist artists active in the country. In this initial and embryonic stage, we are going to introduce seven artivists who work in multiple languages. We would like to thank Ana Lira, Indianarae Siqueira, Juliana Notari, Lara Lima, Marcela Fauth, Maya Inbar and Sabine Passareli for the material – and for their activism!


Content produced as a counterpart to Inciso II da Lei Aldir Blanc, Prefeitura Municipal do Rio de Janeiro/Secretaria Municipal de Cultura, Secretaria Especial de Cultura/ Ministério do Turismo e Governo Federal.