Strange Night: Care, Coexistence and Agency


Art and Activism in Latin America – year III

Intervention-act conceived by Gabe Passareli, Marta Supernova, Clarissa Ribeiro and Lorran Dias – in conversation with the life, works and poetics of Matheusa Passareli, a non-binary black artist murdered at the age of 21 in Rio de Janeiro in April 2018.


How to create a space-mechanism for coexistence, that comprehends the accountability and care – in a non-romantic way –, as de-colonial practices to guilt and the patriarchy, acting as antibodies against a colonial wound intrinsic to society?

From this perception, how to cross the micro and macro-political endeavors for
1. A tensioning of the structures and colonialist impositions
2. Other forms of socialization and alterity, that comprenhend the border thinking as a demarcation agent and an awareness reminder of the difference between “Me” and “Other”?

What is designated to whom, when the social pain reveals atrocities of the historical processes, and we understand that subordination, domination and extermination are more than facts, they are legitimate continuous processes? How to position ourselves, without excluding our portion of social responsibility upon these continuous processes?

When we problematize the historical creation of symbols, icons, leaders and voices from social-midiatic movements, we decentralize the activisms and militancies, and we build a social agenda that crosses everyone’s paths. We invite you to envision your limits that guarantee your unity, in order to understand your connections to the whole. How to guarantee stability for LGBT lives in the borders concerning professional formation and their circulation in these segregated cities fed by a violent cis heteronormative culture?

The post-colonial world, in its global capitalist stage, with all its superficialities and time-space synthesis, is increasingly affecting public and individual mental health. Identity and representative crisis have been the focus of extensive debate in a country in which the colonial wound still endures in an extractive way since the 16th century.

The big challenge seems to find tools that stress the capitalist chains and make alternative pathways possible after the destruction of the current system. If the redistribution of violence in the anticolonial figth leads us to destructive processes of symbols and institutions, how to deal with what is to come? Or, what comes after after the end of the world?

A Strange Night of Care, Coexistence and Agency.

Lorran Dias

To construct our bodies from encounters. Extraordinary coexistence. Glorious moments. Not more, not less. Coexistence. How to produce confluences from the encounter with other bodies-intervention? To inhabit harmoniously is made necessary in contexts of extreme cruelty. The conflicts are necessary in moments of crisis,  together we will enable the tranformation. The encounter of mystery-bodies. Who looks upon us? Who takes care of us? Who accompanys us? Propositions of interventions aiming to the deconstruction of comfort. Encounter. We shall inhabit the same space and respect our differences. We shall not expel other bodies which approach us. Human vs trauma. Deconstruction of the imagetic limits of the body.  We will take over Despina as an informal space for care and intervention. For that, we shall take coexistence as an ethical, political and aesthetical apparatus.

We won’’t allow desperation
the objects connect us to emptiness
filled by the absence of the body
poetical crossings terminal
shouting is made necessary
i can’t shout
how to control myself?
you are the order
the skin is sensitive and it might hurt
the limits for coexistence
memory experience
the absence of the body fades the object

Gabe Passareli


This exhibition was part of the third edition of Despina’s  Art and Activism in Latin America project, with the support from the Prince Claus Fund. For more information, click here.


Alexandre Rodolfo de Oliveira, Aline Beatriz, Aun Helden, Amandla Veludo, Ana Lira, Anarca Filmes, Anthonio Andreazza, Arlindo Oliveira da Silva , Augusto Bráz, Atelier Gaia e Luta Antimanicomial, Baby Alien, Beatriz Lopes, Bianca Kalutor, Clarice Correa, Clarissa Ribeiro, Coletivo Seus Putos, Consuelo Bassanesi, Dani Gues, Daniel Santiso, Danitza Luna, Enantios Dromos [SP], Érica Supernova, Felipe Espindola, Felipe Rivas, Frederico Pellachin, Frozen2000, Gabe Passareli, Gabriel Massan, Garotas Digitais, Gilmar Ferreira, Guilherme Altmayer, Igor Furtado, João Marcos Mancha, Jorge Maragaia, Leticia Santana, Lyz Parayzo, Lorran Dias, Lucas Afonso, Marielle Franco, Mario Celso Neto, Marta Supernova, Matheusa Passareli, Max William Morais, Natasha Ribas, Pablo Ferretti, Patricia Ruth, Qaete, Roberta Maria, Tertuliana Lustosa, Thayná Oliveira, Thaysa Paulo, Tombo, Ventura Profana, Yuji Romar, Yuri Landarin.

Images and editing: Lucas Afonso
Editing and Post-production: Clarissa Ribeiro

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