Natalia Ocerin Gomis

Artists in Residence
01.04.2019 - 30.04.2019

Lives and works in Valencia, Spain. She holds a Degree and a Master’s Degree in artistic production from the Faculty of Fine Arts – Polytechnic University of Valencia. Her practice includes painting and installation. With a scenographic character, the artist unifies the symbolism of the image of her paintings with the subsequent installation of them in a chosen environment. According to Natalia, all of theses journeys to a chosen environment and the subsequent photographic record serve to elevate the consciousness of the human being about the social problems that surround all of us. At Despina, the artist intends to develop a work linked to the legacy of activist Marielle Franco, among other issues related to the current socio-political scenario in Brazil. Natalia has participated in several individual and collective exhibitions in Spain and also in residences in the cities of Barcelona (Can Serrat, 2018) and Buenos Aires (La Ira de Dios, 2018).

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