Mégane Voghell

Artists in Residence
01.11.2019 - 30.11.2019

Lives and works in Montreal, Canada. She is interested in the many ways the world can be experienced in the absence of a physical body. Through installation, (textual) correspondence, drawing and video, her work call into question the binaries of transcendence/immanence and real/virtual.

Through devices — both tangible and intangible — Voghell utilizes a personal mythology pointing to an experience beyond the lived world, but drawn from a very real subject. Her work emerges from the desire to define the peculiarities of the elemental and phenomenological forces surrounding us in order to better manipulate and reinvent them.

Her work has been featured in various screenings and exhibitions including “harbinger” at Eastern Bloc (2015), at FME in Rouyn-Noranda at Center l’Écart (2015), at Le Lobe in Chicoutimi (2016), at Paris Variation Fair (2017) and more recently at Calaboose Gallery in Pointe-Saint-Charles (2019) and Vicki Gallery in Newburgh (2019). Her work has been included in publications such as Nut II, ETC MEDIA and Cigale. She also curated the “Episode Laurier” event in June 2018.


In partnership with Despina, contemporary art center Diagonale (based in Montreal, Canada) and Le Conseil des arts de Montréal have awarded Mégane Voghell with a full grant to participate in our residency programme in November 2019.

Voghell’s residency project addresses fibers, or more precisely thread as matter and as a conceptual notion. Considering the undeniable importance of thread and textile as a tool for feminist bonding throughout history, the idea is to highlight its relational potential in an applied and reflexive way. More precisely, the project draws its sources from an online relationship between two young women (myself Montreal, Canada and “X” , Limoeiro, Brazil) and attempts to seal its resolution by recovering traces of its unfolding in time.

The conversation thread, just like the sewing thread have the potential to be strained, to bind elements and others, to hold together or to break. Both threads act as subtle binders but are actively creating an object or a larger subject that they hold together. In this context, pieces of clothing or a relationship between two individuals are the results of these threads which contains them through time and space. The story to be investigated at the Despina center is that of the relationship mentioned above, but could also be that of a badly sewn and holey vest, result of a lack of time and space.

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