Lyz Parayzo

Artists in Residence
01.05.2017 - 30.06.2017

Art and Activism in Latin America – year II (2017)

Lives and works in Rio de Janeiro. Manicurist and “puta-porn-terrorist”, Lyz Parayzo began her studies at the School of Visual Arts (EAV) at Parque Lage and started to invade art galleries with her aesthetic-political interventions. Like a virus, she has been subverting the power protocols of institutional spaces by blurring the boundaries of what is official. She has the body as her main work support and her daily performativity as a research platform. Parayzo’s plastic bombs destabilize heteronormative and colonial technologies, they are anabolic projections of her existence. The artist has been developing video-installations with post-pornographic content, military jewels and is currently researching the performances of gender and class from the perspective of the color in her “Salão Parayzo” project, a nomadic device in which she acts as a manicurist. Lyz Parayzo has been nominated for the Professional Art Investor Award – PIPA in 2017. Her residence at Despina is part of the activities of the second edition of the project Art and Activism  in Latin America.

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Photos by Frederico Pellachin, Raquel Romero-Faz and João Roma