Kira Shewfelt

Artists in Residence
01.07.2016 - 31.07.2016

Lives and works in Los Angeles, USA.  Her interest lies in the pursuit of idealism and it’s “practice”.  Nature, intimacy, movement and gesture are recurrent subjects in her work.  Kira’s imagery draws upon personal relationships as well popular depictions of optimal gestures: instructional manuals, travel photography, illustrations of exercise and dance, yoga girls, ancient glyphs, and the visual documentation of social movements.  The politics of pleasure, how it manifests, and is remembered are foundational concepts in her practice.

The action of painting the figure and the flux of movement engaged in making also become gestures of idealism, creating images that highlight transitional states, potential or curiosity.  During her month at Despina Residency Programme, Kira will be researching the historical movement of modern Brazilian painting towards performance and the embrace of body as a nexus for subjectivity and culture.  She plans to develop a series that responds to performance as remedy.

Dilemma: I miss you I love you, I miss you I love you.  Resolution: Let’s dance.

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