Isabella Lescure

Artists in Residence
01.07.2018 - 31.07.2018

Lives and works in São Paulo, where she is a visual arts graduate student  at Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado (FAAP). Her practice explores invisible or forgotten situations of daily life, which are reconfigured through perosnal memory signs. As she absorbs and translates the situations in her surroundings, her own sensory experience transforms what she chooses to reconfigure, allowing the emergence of new meanings in the final result. This process can be materialized in painting, collage, embroidery and objects.

During her residence at Despina, Lescure continued to explore the unfolding of her painting practice and to delve into her latest experiments. The overlap of transparency and the fragility of paper (which forms silent graphics) were starting points for her research. One aspect of her practice is not to get stuck into models, allowing the materials and their objects of study to play an active role in the creative process.

Pictures Gallery (horizontel scrolling)
Photos: Frederico Pellachin