Ben Gooding

Artists in Residence
01.07.2019 - 31.07.2019

Lives and works in London, UK, where he teaches Printmaking at Camberwell College of Art with the University of the Arts London and practices as a Fine Artist. Having achieved a 1st class degree in Fine Art (Printmaking) from the Cambridge School of Art, he completed his Masters Degree at Central St. Martin’s School of Art and Design in London in 2008. He is a contributing member of “Saturation Point Projects”, an editorial & curatorial collective of reductive, geometric and systems based artists where he continues an on-going series of published artist interviews.

His work is primarily grounded in a systems based drawing practice which explores how a very simple set of initial rules can generate highly complex structures & compositions. Often he uses the iteration of an identical line as a starting point but the final outcome is always based on certain mathematical principles that underpin each piece.

His residency at Despina is a continuation of a body of work he developed on the Tasarim Bakkali artist residency in Istanbul in 2018, in which he sort to “explode” his drawing practice into 3 dimensions. Here in Brazil, the intention is to create a number of installational works using coloured thread to connect a series of predetermined geometric wall based drawings. The Istanbul works were all realised in black thread, but the structures that emerge at Despina will be rendered in a movement of 3 colours, each blending and merging into the others.

On his return to London he will be curating a large group exhibition at Arthouse1 gallery entitled “Iterations”, further exploring the manifold ways in which artists use repetition of form to generate elegant and beguiling works of art.

He has recently had solo exhibitions in Istanbul, Vancouver and London and has been in numerous group shows including “8 Lines” at Platform A Gallery in Middlesborough, “Momentum” at Angus-Hughes gallery London, “In Line” at the Griffin Gallery London, “Static/Kinetic” at Alice Black Gallery London, and “From Centre” at the Loud & Western Building, London.

This residency was made possible by the generous support of a Staff Development Fund from the University of the Arts London.


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