Verônica Vaz 

Artists in Residence
01.06.2019 - 30.06.2019

Born in Pelotas (RS), lives and works in Porto Alegre (RS). She holds a degree in Advertising from ESPM-RS and currently is doing her pHd in “Curatorial Practices” at the Arts Institute – Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) in Porto Alegre. Veronica is a multidisciplinary artist who has also developed curatorial projects and other  She has also worked as an educator at the Mercosul Biennial and as a curator assistant at the Rio Grande do Sul Art Museum Ado Malagoli and MAC-RS.

Her practice is mostly related to performance and encompasses a range of strategies and mediums such as live actions, photographs and videos. Her research consists of some auto-biographical questions which explore the feminist universe in co-relation with the geographies of the spaces that she visits and travels to. Her works are contextual and arise from the actual experience of these displacements. The geography of spaces, the cultural issues of different countries influence her look on the world, on art, and on issues inherent to the feminine universe.

During her residency at Despina, the artist continued to develop a project based on the pathology of Endometriosis, a feminine disease of which she experiences. Veronica investigated the stages of the disease in her own body, the remains left by it in her body memory, the physical and psychological consequences of living with this uncured pathology whose treatment is extremely evasive and aggressive. Many women suffer from this disease, but very little is heard about it and its consequences, which include difficulty in getting pregnant (or even unfeasibility of pregnancy), and living with often unbearable pains and cramps.

Solo exhibitions
Os Azuis de Verônica at Sala de Exposições Angelita Stefani – Universidade Franciscana, Santa Maria/RS, Brazil [2018]; A Little White Chapel, at Centro Histórico-Cultural Santa Casa, Porto Alegre/RS, Brazil [2019].

Group exhibitions
“Graças às Deusas” at Perestroika and Plataforma Artkin, Porto Alegre/RS, Brazil [2019]; “II Pega” at Centro Municipal Hélio Oiticica, Rio de Janeiro/RJ, Brazil [2018]; “Placentária” at Museu de Arte Contemporânea RS, Porto Alegre/RS, Brazil [2018]; “Água Essência da Vida” at Palácio do Ministério Público RS, Porto Alegre/RS, Brazil [2018]; “Mestre Reinventados” at Galeria de Arte DMAE, Porto Alegre/RS, Brazil [2018]; Performance International Biennial, Bogotá, Colombia [2018-19]

Afecto Societal, Curatoria Forense, Guanajuato, México [2018]; Acción/Transacción, Curatoria Forense, Buenos Aires, Argentina [2018]; ECO Sound Art Residency, Casero Residência, Parque Nacional do Itatiaia, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil [2018]

More information
Facebook: veronicapvaz
Instagram: @veronicavaz

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