Ana Zegarra

Artists in Residence
01.07.2017 - 31.07.2017

Lives and works in Lima, Peru.

Zegarra develops her work from different physical and material means, mainly by using techniques of engraving and ceramics. She is interested in observing the moment when things are changing – in terms of collapse, contrast or opposition. From this point of view, the artist is able to play with the limit of meaning and materiality of things, with fantasy and mystique, with the “meta-corporeal.”

Her practice revolves around human existence and the uncertain and changing tendency that accompanies it. In this process, Zegarra seeks to highlight fragility as an inherent characteristic of the individual and also the systems of belief, feelings, identities and cultures, evoking the paradox and the bizarre. Not to mention the fragility of material seen in time, creating archeological references and metaphors in the “body-territory” fusion.

During her residence at Despina, Zegarra conceived a series of “ruin-objects”. In this process, the artist explored from the primitive forms to the pottery (and its fusion with the landscape), taking into account the passage of time and the power of nature over human creations.

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